Nitartha Digital Library

The Nitartha Digital Library contains:

  • Dege Kangyur, the words of the Buddha
  • Dege Tengyur, the treatises of the Indian panditas and siddhas
  • Approximately 1,000 volumes of teachings from the great charioteers of the practice lineages from India and Tibet
  • Approximately 650,000 images of pecha pages that are provided as a cross reference for the digital text
  • Advanced search using title, author, and subject

  • Though all manner of enjoyments may gather, they are not hoarded.
  • Though pleasing objects and bountiful retinues may assemble, there is no clinging.
  • Rather, what is retained is the tripitaka trainings, a treasury of knowledge
  • That swirls in the hearts of renunciants and learned ones.
  • Nitartha international
  • Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World!

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