Nitartha Digital Library
Nitartha international
Nitartha international is an organization that houses and exhibits Asian cultural artifacts. It is registered in the state of New York.
Nitartha international was newly established in 1993 in order to prevent the deterioration and support the restoration of the cultural tradition of Asian texts, art, and handicrafts.
His Eminence Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is the founder of Nitartha international. Rich with experience in Buddhist philosophy, doctrine and education, he provides instruction and guidance to meditation practitioners. He is a respected spiritual master or guru who is familiar with modern thought, terminology, and understanding.
Nitartha international publications is making traditional texts that were in danger of being completely destroyed or lost available for study. These texts are being published in hardcopy format and in digital format for computers and mobile devices.
Nitartha Digital Library
The texts that were in danger of being completely destroyed are newly published in digital format and made available on the internet. Teachers, students, scholars, and translators can quickly and easily browse or search texts using text titles, authors, subjects, passages, etc. By publishing using the web, it is easy to read, copy, and study this material.
Digital Library Text Collection
The digital library contains chiefly the Dege Kangyur, Dege Tengyur, and scriptures and commentaries of the Eight Practice Lineages including Bon. There are approximately 1,000 volumes and 650,000 pages that are available for reading and searching.
Newly Published Texts and Pechas
Collections of Tibetan Buddhist texts of the sutras and tantras have been stored on modern computers for easy viewing by scholars. Pecha pages have been made available in combination with the digital texts for comparison purposes in case there are doubts about the digitization. Indices, notes, and historical accounts are included to support scholarly study. The publishing and digital storage of texts is ongoing and the Nitartha collection is seeing continual growth.
Previously Published Hardcopy Texts
A collection of the eight great texts of sutra and tantra
A complete collection of texts necessary for three-year retreats with selected extracts of pith instructions of the Karma Kamtshang and commentaries
The dharma treasury of Do Khyentse Kyebu Yeshe Dorje containing the Eight Auspicious volumes
Some texts consisting of pith instructions of Mahamudra and Maha Ati
Some texts of the Omniscient All Victorious Mipham Rinpoche and some texts of Pawo Tsuglag Trengwa
We have translated Tibetan Buddhist classics into English and Chinese for those who are interested in studying the classical literature and are continuing such translation activities. We are also making efforts to protect the tradition of art of the Karma Gadri school of Tibet. This is just a brief description of the key points of our work. Sarva Mangalam.

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