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Sambhota Fonts
The Sambhota font was one of the first Tibetan fonts created for computers. The original Sambhota font has been improved and a number of new font styles have been introduced including the Dege, Narthang, and others. Nitartha international has been responsible for creating these newly designed fonts.
Here are some of the main special characteristics of the Sambhota fonts:
The Sambhota fonts now use Unicode so the Sambhota fonts are supported wherever Tibetan Unicode fonts are supported.
Character stacks such as rkya, skya, and so forth have been custom-built and rago, sago, and lago parts are individually designed for the different stacks and not simply re-used indiscriminately. There are 3954 Tibetan character stacks in the fonts making the character stacks particularly pleasing to view.
Normally, Tibetan typography that is used for walls and signs is specially created. However, the Sambhota fonts can be sized to make extremely large print and the beauty of the letters is not lost when the letters are enlarged.
We are continuing to work on the Sambhota fonts and plan to release additional Sambhota fonts using Tibetan Unicode. Our font development is one aspect of our mission to preserve and spread Tibetan culture.
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